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Exploring Trail View State Park

Since 2010, Mohammad Riaz has served as the manager of the National Restoration Group, Inc., in the Bronx, providing project management for a diverse range of high rise construction projects across New York City. When away from work, Mohammad Riaz enjoys hiking near his home in Westbury on Long Island.

Approximately 15 minutes from Westbury in the hamlet of Woodbury, Trail View State Park offers 400 acres to explore. Designated a state park in 2002, it came into the possession of New York State in the 1960s.

Visitors to the park enjoy a network of trails open to hiking and biking, as well as some opportunities for cross-country skiing and horseback riding. Its terrain encompasses hills, open fields, hardwood forests, and marshes, all within 300 feet of sea level. The park offers excellent bird-watching opportunities, particularly during spring and fall migrations, because of its location on the Atlantic flyway.

Trail View State Park also links to the Nassau/Suffolk Greenbelt Trail which runs from Nassau County’s southern shore to Cold Spring Harbor State Park in Suffolk County.

Staying Healthy on a Long-Haul Flight

As a manager for the building contractor National Restoration Group Inc., Mohammad Riaz oversees the bidding and permit process for commercial properties. Outside of his professional duties, Mohammad Riaz is an avid traveler.

For experienced travelers, long-haul flights, which last 6 hours or longer, are fairly common. To ensure that travelers arrive at their destination in the best of health, most airlines offer the following suggestions:

Hydrate — The air inside the cabin has very low levels of humidity and can dry out and irritate the nasal passages and skin. Passengers can combat this dryness by drinking non-alcoholic fluids and using a moisturizing lotion.

Exercise — Sitting for hours at a time can cause muscle cramping and stiffness. For passengers with certain health conditions, frequent stretching and standing is necessary to stimulate blood circulation and prevent clotting. In addition to walking up and down the aisle, there are dozens of exercises that can be done conveniently while seated.

Strengthen Immune System — Air travel can be hard on the body, and make a traveler more vulnerable to catching a cold or infection. To support the immune system, passengers should get a full night’s rest and take a multivitamin before boarding.